aren-pnet-600pxThe first week of, the Paolini family’s official website, is coming to a close. With so much great content available on the website at its launch and even more added to the website and on its blog over the past seven days, we wanted to provide a helpful guide to be sure that all fans are able to easily find each piece of content.

Welcome to! – Christopher introduces readers to in a video message and blog post!

Welcome to the Writers Corner – The Paolini family explains what readers can expect from the Writers Corner, a resource filled with advice, tools, and articles exploring writing, world building, and more.

Christopher’s Current Writing Project – Christopher discusses his current writing project, a sci-fi novel, in a new video exclusive to their website!

Christopher’s Art Desk: The Process Behind the Illustration of Aren, Brom’s Ring – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind illustrating Aren, Brom’s ring! The article includes never-before-seen sketches, references, and more. Continue reading this article…



Today marks nine years since the release of BRISINGR, the third book in the Inheritance Cycle! In 2008, the year Brisingr released, the series was finally known as the Inheritance Cycle! This announcement was first made on October 30th, 2007, with the book’s title, release date, and cover was being announced on January 16th, 2008.

Upon its release and in the years since, Brisingr has gone on to sell millions of copies and mark a permanent spot on the book shelves of many fantasy and young adult fans. It was an exciting but agonizing three years leading up to the book’s release as announcements were made containing the book’s title, cover, page count and more, as well as hints at spoilers, lots of interviews, and even more rumors! The biggest shock came when a fourth book in the series was announced, leading to excitement that the series would have even more adventures, but shock at the realization that we’d have to wait for another book to find out what happens to our favorite characters! Continue reading this article…


Let’s face it: we’ve all daydreamed about owning our own dragon. The scene in Eragon in which Eragon discovers Saphira’s dragon egg has caused many of us to long to find our own dragon egg.

Thanks to an incredible and easy dragon egg art project, you can now create your own! You choose the size and color and you bring your very own dragon egg to life. The best part: you can create your dragon egg for less than $10 in supplies! It will make a great week night or weekend project and your dragon egg will make a great companion for your Inheritance Cycle books! And who knows, maybe it’ll hatch… Continue reading this article…


Last week we gave away a signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon… and this week we’re back to giveaway not only another copy of the Collector’s Edition, but three more books in our first Mystery Book Box giveaway!

We aren’t willing to tell you what the other three books in the Mystery Book Box are, but we’ll give you a few hints: this week’s Mystery Book Box is called the “Epic Authors Starter Pack”, promising that all of the books provided are a first in their series. We are also willing to tease that one of the books may be related to a major book-adaptation movie hitting theaters soon…

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Tell us in the comments on this post what book(s) you’re currently reading! Use this as an opportunity to recommend books to other readers by sharing more than just the book title!

After seven days (on September 25th), we’ll close the giveaway and choose one winner! The only way to enter is by leaving a comment, and leaving other comments responding to fans’ recommendations in the comment section can increase your chances of winning! Be sure to verify that you’ve left a comment in the giveaway box on this post so that you are qualified for the giveaway.

Our readers may also be interested to know that our sister site,, is currently giving away a mega book pack of their own! To celebrate the release of the Maze Runner movie, they are giving away a five book set including the Maze Runner trilogy, its prequel, and a behind-the-scenes movie tie-in book! Entering is as simple as entering this mega book giveaway, so don’t miss out on a chance to win another set of books!

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(Please note: we reserve the right to disqualify any comments made that we deem to be spam. Please make sure that the comments you leave are constructive and contain useful content.), the Paolini family’s official website, launched earlier this week with an incredible response of support and fanfare from fans around the world! With so much great content available on the site during its launch (and even more coming in the weeks and months ahead), we thought fans may appreciate a guide to finding this content!

Christopher discusses his current writing project – It’s one of the most frequently asked questions: what’s your next project?! Christopher filmed a video for fans discussing his next project, a sci-fi novel, and what you can expect to see!

The Writers Corner – Christopher wrote Eragon at the age of fifteen before going on to self-publish, and eventually sell the rights to a major publisher. With over a decade of writing experience between Christopher and his entire family, the family has decided to offer a section dedicated to aspiring writers with advice, tools, and articles exploring writing, world building, and more.

Christopher discusses finishing the Inheritance Cycle and moving on to a new project – Christopher discusses what it was like to finish the final book in the Inheritance Cycle and the writing process that led him to his current sci-fi writing project, including several short stories, in an essay on! Continue reading this article…


Find peace among the falling snow with ‘Murtagh and Thorn’

Throughout the entirety of the Inheritance Cycle, there may have been no soul more tortured than that of Murtagh. Condemned from birth, the son of betrayer Morzan spent his life shackled in both body and mind leading up to the culmination of Inheritance and the Varden’s victory against Galbatorix.

Whether it was torment suffered as a child at the hands of his ruthless father, imprisonment by the Varden, or having an oath of servitude forced upon him by Galbatorix, Murtagh never truly experienced freedom to live his life on his own accord. The same can be said for his dragon, Thorn, whom Galbatorix used as a pawn to bring Murtagh into service as a Rider.

It wasn’t until Murtagh helped Eragon bring down Galbatorix once and for all that he and Thorn were able to finally choose the path they wanted to tread in life and begin anew. Perhaps this new sense of freedom was most telling when Murtagh offered no definite plans for his future at the end of Inheritance, taking to the northbound skies with Thorn towards new horizons. Continue reading this article…


The Paolini family launches, their official website

We are excited to announce that the Paolini family has launched, the official destination for all things Paolini on the web!

The website has launched with several exciting pieces of content, including introductions to various parts of the website, including the Writers Corner, Educators section, and a video from Christopher discussing his new writing project, a scifi novel!

Lots of exciting content will be added to the website on a regular basis, and while we aren’t ready to reveal what that content will be, we can promise that it will appeal to fans, aspiring writers, and parents/educators. Be sure to check back regularly as several posts will be added to the blog each week.

I am also thrilled to mention that I have been a part of the project since its inception, working closely with the Paolini family to build this new website from the ground up. I will be working on the website as its manager and a contributor of content to both the website and its blog. I am also assisting in the management of their social media accounts, where even more exciting content can be found!

Visit to view all of the great launch content and new blog articles! Be sure to follow @PaoliniOfficial on Twitter and “Like” the Official Facebook page on Facebook for the latest news and updates! Additionally, you can subscribe to the Newsletter for news and announcements forty-eight hours before they hit the official website!


twitter-interview-questionsSocial media is an interesting place: sometimes you’ll find useful information and updates from friends and internet personalities… while other times, you’ll find the weird, the obscure, and the downright bizarre.

Social media also happens to be home to Christopher Paolini’s official Twitter account. Christopher will, on rare occasions, offer fans a fifteen minute session where they can ask him questions and he’ll fire off as many answers as possible. The results are often interesting, revealing, and true to Christopher’s nature, teasing. Christopher touches on Inheritance, Book V, Inheritance Cycle movies, and more!

We’ve compiled the best and most important questions and answers from Christopher’s Twitter account over the past eight months for your viewing pleasure!


Is Angela one of the Grey Folk?
Maaaybe. Maaaybe not.

Christopher: I don’t intend to alter/revisit Inheritance [Book 4] at any point. The book is done and published, and I’m happy with it. […] I still plan on writing Book V, though.
Reference one, reference two

Who is your favorite Inheritance Cycle dragon?

Can you and Brandon Sanderson team up to bring the world of Alagaesia and Sanderson’s world of Alethkar together?
Ha! Who knows? That might be fun.

Read more about Christopher’s “Book V”, potential Inheritance Cycle prequel, and his upcoming scifi book on our “Book V and Beyond” page!

Will we ever find out what happened to the belt of Beloth the Wise?

Will Murtagh ever join Eragon in establishing the new Riders?
Heh. No comment.

Will you ever write a book or series about the dragon/elf war leading to the creation of the Riders?
Possibly, although I’ll probably do Book V first.

Have you started any work on Book V, such as planning?
Book V is completely plotted out. However, I’m writing something else at the moment.

Will there ever be a book about or featuring Murtagh?
Let’s just say we haven’t seen the last of Murtagh. ;-)


Will there ever be more Inheritance Cycle movies?
I hope so! But it’s up to Fox whether they ever do anything with the rights.

Will we ever see an Eldest film as a sequel to the Eragon movie?
Someday, I hope! Although I’d love to see Eragon rebooted first.

What are your thoughts on the Eragon movie?
The film reflected the studio’s vision of the story, just as the books reflect my vision of the story.


Looking back on Eragon, do you have any regrets?
I wish I’d worked in a few more mentions of things I invented later: like the feldûnost and nïdhwal.

How long did it take to write Eragon?
About 2.5 years.


What type of non-fantasy book(s) would you love to write?
Horror. Or romance. You know, one or the other. Techno-thrillers might be fun too.

What do you find to be the hardest part of the writing process?
Waking up and getting my brain to function well enough that I can write clearly.

What would you say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
My obsessive attention to detail, which is also my greatest strength. Life is funny like that.

If you could live in any world, Alagaesia or in other books, where would you live?
I’d probably live with my dwarves. They know how to have a good time.

Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon?
I’d rather own a dragon.

Who is your favorite incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who?
Number Four, Nine, and Ten.

Which Hogwarts house would you have been in?

What is your favorite television series?
The Prisoner (the original).

Now we ask: Which was your favorite question and answer from this collection? If you had a chance to ask Christopher a question, what would you ask?


Fans were devastated at the potential loss of a fan-favorite character, Murtagh, at the end of Eragon. Throughout the start of Eldest, it remained clear that the hero from Eragon was gone for good, joining the likes of Brom.

It wasn’t until later in the book that fans realized the exciting yet equally upsetting news: Murtagh was alive and now a Rider himself, but had been turned against Eragon and the Varden by the very man he despised: Galbatorix. With his own dragon and the true name enslavement by the most powerful villain in Alagaesia, Murtagh felt helpless, broken, and through that, driven to follow the commands given to him by his captor in order to save his, and his dragon’s, life.

We first re-encountered Murtagh on the battlefields of the Burning Plains. Eragon and Saphira met him and Thorn in aerial combat shortly after Morzan’s son struck Hrothgar, king of the dwarves, down, ending the run of another fan favorite character.

This piece of fan art, “Thorn versus Saphira” by artist “Ticcy” on DeviantArt, captures the moment in which Saphira, with Eragon atop her, and Thorn, ridden by Murtagh, meet in battle, clawing, biting, and doing anything they can to injure, without killing, the other.

thorn_versus_saphira_by_ticcy-d791wabFrom the chapter in Eldest:

The siege on Eragon’s mind abated as Saphira and the red dragon crashed together, two incandescent meteors colliding head-on. They grappled, kicking each other’s bellies with their hind legs. Their talons produced hideous screeches as they grated against Saphira’s armor and the red dragon’s flat scales. The red dragon was smaller than Saphira, but thicker in his legs and shoulders. He managed to kick her off for a moment, then they closed again, each struggling to get their jaws around the other’s neck.

It was all Eragon could do to keep hold of Zar’roc as the dragons tumbled toward the ground, battering one another with terrible blows from their feet and tails. No more than fifty yards above the Burning Plains, Saphira and the red dragon disengaged, struggling to regain altitude. Once she halted her descent, Saphira reared her head, like a snake about to strike, and loosed a thick torrent of fire.

Now we ask: Did you see it coming – that Murtagh, son of Morzan, was not only alive but would join Eragon as a Dragon Rider? Did you sympathize with Murtagh or hold him in contempt for what he did both to Hrothgar and Eragon?


rider-war-shurtyWhile a story of growth, friendship, adventure, and hardships, the Inheritance Cycle is also, at its core, a story of war. Named the “Rider War” by Inheritance Cycle readers, dozens of skirmishes and battles filled the pages of all four books in the series. With so many battles between races, factions, and nations, one may find it difficult to remember the significance of each.

wiki-article-screenshotFortunately, fans have banded together to create a comprehensive guide and timeline to the Rider War. One of the most interesting parts of the article: the realization that a name for the actual war is never mentioned in the Inheritance Cycle.

The timeline begins with a detailed look at the “Pre-War Violence” leading up to the Rider War, beginning with the “Fall of the Foresworn”, when the Varden hunted down and assassinated most of the dark Riders, to the “Skirmish outside Farthen Dûr”, leading Eragon and company through the Beor Mountains and eventually at the Varden’s door.

The timeline for the Rider War itself begins with the Battle under Farthen Dûr, a defining moment in Eragon and the catalyst for the entire second war against Galbatorix. The timeline, filled with details on location and actions during each battle, covers skirmishes ranging from the Siege of Carvahall and the Battle of the Burning Plains to the Battle of Gilead and ultimately, the Battle of Urû’baen.

The article interestingly makes note of the fact that the Varden and their supporters have never lost a major battle, despite the fact that the Empire’s army significantly outnumbers their own.

The article doesn’t stop there, however; following the Battle of Urû’baen’s detailed account, fans have also compiled a detailed breakdown of the “Aftermath”, including the election of Nasuada as the new leader of Alagaesia and the departure of Eragon and Saphira.

Finally, the article breaks down the factions involved in the conflict, the roles they played in the conflict and their fate in the “Aftermath”.

While many of us have read the series multiple times, a descriptive timeline of conflicts in the series helps add perspective and scale to just how significant the Rider War was.


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