Book 5, Prequels, and Beyond

While Book 4 is confirmed as the final novel in the Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini has made it abundantly clear that he does not intend to leave the Inheritance universe forever. Christopher has been caught discussing the future of Alagaesia in numerous interviews:

A Prequel to Inheritance

Christopher has expressed interest in writing a prequel to the current events in Alagaesia, taking readers on a journey back to the days where the Riders were at the height of their power, and may very well feature the character of Brom!

“I don’t have any immediate plans to write a prequel, but, if I ever do, it will probably be either the story of Brom’s life or a story set during the height of the Riders’ power.”

What we have heard of the Riders prior to their downfall at the hands of Galbatorix is only the beginning of the rich and detailed history of the Riders, who oversaw Alagaesia for many peaceful years. Their once mighty capital of Vroengard now lies deserted, but their detailed history still lingers. The Riders’ tale and the events which lead to the Inheritance Cycle would tickle the adventurous side of any Inheritance reader!

“Book 5” – A Stand-alone Novel

Looking to explore Alagaesia following the plot’s conclusion in Book 4, Christopher is considering a fifth stand-alone story set within the world of Alagaesia, featuring both new and old characters. The story would be set some time after the events of Book 4 and would likely tackle what became of Alagaesia and our favorite characters in the time since.

Christopher has specifically stated that the book would not be an official part of the Inheritance Cycle and would only span one book. He has also stated that the book is not confirmed and will not be published soon after Book 4’s release. If this book ever hits store shelves, it’ll be some time – but as with all of the Inheritance novels, it’ll be well worth the wait!

“Book Five (as I think of it) would be set after the events of the Inheritance cycle, would be a single stand-alone book, and would feature both new and old characters.”

Christopher has also revealed that plot threads already exist in the Inheritance Cycle which pertain to the events in future books. Which threads could these be? In the mean time, fans are left pondering which characters may make a re-appearance in our favorite series’ stand-alone story, and what state the world may be in once we reach that time period.

Beyond Inheritance

Inheritance has been in development for over a decade now, but Christopher has assured us that it is only the beginning of what Christopher plans to be many novels from the budding fantasy and science-fiction author.

Christopher has stated that he has many novels planned and plotted, ready to go as soon as Book 4 is released to his fans. Spanning a number of genres and content types, fans will be delighted to get their hands on a novel outside of Eragon’s world.

Will Christopher continue writing for young adults? This remains to be seen, but judging by the tone the books have taken since Eragon’s initial publication, it’s safe to say we’ll at least see a few books aimed at older audiences as Christopher continues his writing career.

“I’ve given a lot of thought to what I want to write after I finish Book Four. In fact, I have a number of books entirely plotted out that I’ve been waiting to write for several years now. Some are fantasy, some are science fiction, some romance, historical fiction, mystery, thriller, horror . . . you name it!”