We will be taking questions for the eighth Q&A with Christopher Paolini on Shur’tugal in September! Keep checking back!


Over the past eighteen months, Shur’tugal has been running an exuberantly popular series entitled “Q&As with Christopher Paolini”. Our aim is to interview Christopher no more than once per month, every month, until the release of Book 4. Together with the visitors of Shur’tugal, our staff throws the best and brightest questions at Christopher. The author graciously answers all of our questions (sometimes with a “No comment”, if the question is too spoilery!) and we post the interviews on Shur’tugal for all to see.

Dedicated news posts for comment submissions pop up nearly one month prior to the next Q&A. The comment section for each submission news post will close after ten days of question submissions. Shurtugal.com staff work to select the questions they feel are the best of the batch and ask Christopher those questions at the end of the month. Transcripts of each interview are made available as soon as we receive the interview from Christopher. Fans who ask the questions sent to Christopher are credited in the interview!

Didn’t get a chance to submit your questions this month? Don’t fret! We will be taking questions for a Q&A every month until Book 4 releases (unless we run out of questions!).


Christopher Paolini will be answering fan submitted questions once per month during an interview with Mike Macauley (owner of Shur’tugal). A transcript, recording, or video of the interview will be posted on the front page of Shurtugal.com as well as added to this archive soon after the interview is conducted.


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