Every fan can agree that the scene in which Saphira hatches for Eragon and the pair become bonded is hands down the most iconic scene in the Inheritance Cycle. One artist, Eumenidi on DeviantArt, decided to illustrate this scene in a piece titled “Awakening”:awakeningWhile in a style we rarely see associated with official artwork from the books, we feel as though this illustration captures the look and feel that one would experience if they were in Garrow’s home. It’s aged, beat up, and run down, but it feels like home, which is why Eragon must have had such a hard time parting with it after it was burned to the ground by the Ra’zac.

Some fun Easter eggs can be found in the illustration as well: Eragon’s shelf containing all of the items he’s collected, his quiver in the bottom left corner, the gedwëy ignasia on his palm, the broken egg shell fragments on the floor, and his dinner in the bottom right corner.

We recently posted artwork showing the moment in which Arya and Firnen became bonded, a scene that was missing in Inheritance. We highly recommend checking it out!


Throughout the entirety of the Inheritance Cycle readers are reminded of the unique strength of the bond between Riders and their dragons, as shown on a daily basis between Eragon and Saphira. When the two are together, their bond allows them to function as one. When they are apart, this bond — or the lack of it — drives the pair into loneliness, boredom, and even depression.

The end of Inheritance reveals that another Rider and dragon bond has been formed… between Arya and her new green dragon Fírnen! Although we were not privy to a first hand account of Fírnen’s hatching and the moment in which Arya and Fírnen became bonded, one artist took a stab at illustrating the occasion:the_shining_palm_of_arya_shadeslayer_by_imaeko-d4rknb6A similar scene played out in the early pages of Eragon, shortly after Saphira — then unnamed — hatched from her egg, much to the surprise of Eragon. Naturally curious, Eragon reaches out to touch the young dragon hatchling… and in that instant, initiates what would become the most important connection of his life:

Tentatively, he reached out with his right hand and touched its flank. A blast of icy energy surged into his hand and raced up his arm, burning in his veins like liquid fire. He fell back with a wild cry. An iron clang filled his ears, and he heard a soundless scream of rage. Every part of his body seared with pain. He struggled to move, but was unable to. After what seemed like hours, warmth seeped back into his limbs, leaving them tingling. Shivering uncontrollably, he pushed himself upright. His hand was numb, his fingers paralyzed. Alarmed, he watched as the middle of his palm shimmered and formed a diffused white oval. The skin itched and burned like a spider bite. His heart pounded frantically.

Eragon blinked, trying to understand what had occurred. Something brushed against his consciousness, like a finger trailing over his skin. He felt it again, but this time it solidified into a tendril of thought through which he could feel a growing curiosity. It was as if an invisible wall surrounding his thoughts had fallen away, and he was now free to reach out with his mind. He was afraid that without anything to hold him back, he would float out of his body and be unable to return, becoming a spirit of the ether. Scared, he pulled away from the contact. The new sense vanished as if he had closed his eyes.

Now we ask: Does the moment depicted above help illustrate the scene that was missing in Inheritance? Is this how you pictured it happening, or do you feel as though it happened differently?

*The artwork used in this post was done by the brilliant DeviantArt artist Imaeko!

eragon and saphira2013 marks a decade since Eragon was first released by Random House Children’s Books in 2003. To mark the occasion, Random House is releasing a 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon… and on our end, we’re celebrating by asking fans:

What is your favorite or most memorable moment from Eragon?

Be sure to answer the question in the comments section of this news post! This weekend, we’ll collect our favorite answers and will share them in a new post on the website. But that’s not all: Christopher Paolini will be personally tweeting some of his favorite responses!

*Eragon and Saphira artwork used in this post was created by the talented artist Draakh on DeviantArt!


eragon the hunterThe last of our series of four interviews with Christopher Paolini ahead of the 10th anniversary of Eragon is finally here! Our live Twitter chat/interview with Christopher will take place tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST!

Tonight, Christopher will participate in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. We will be using the hashtag #Eragon10th to mark the occasion. Christopher will be doing his best to answer all of the questions that come in during this time, and using the #Eragon10th hashtag will ensure that we all see your tweets!

Staff members of Shur’tugal will be joining in on the conversation using the official @itsshurty Shur’tugal Twitter account. Our staff will be asking questions submitted via the comments section of the post announcing this interview, as well as submitting questions of their own!

Join us on Twitter for a live interview with Christopher Paolini on @Paolini using the hashtag #Eragon10th! TONIGHT at 8pm PST/5pm PST!

*The above fan art, an illustration of Eragon hunting before he encounters Saphira’s egg at the start of Eragon, was done by the artist Cruzarte on DeviantArt!

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eragon the hunterWe’re excited to announce that the last of our four interviews with Christopher Paolini will take place LIVE on Twitter… and will allow for fans to participate!

Next Wednesday, October 9th, Christopher will be participating in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. This live Twitter interview will start at 8 PM EST! We will be using the hashtag #Eragon10th to mark the occasion. Christopher will be doing his best to answer all of the questions that come in during this time, and using the #Eragon10th hashtag will ensure that we all see your tweets!

Staff members of Shur’tugal will be joining in on the conversation using the official @itsshurty Shur’tugal Twitter account. If you are unable to participate in the interview because you do not/cannot have Twitter, or if you won’t be around at the time of the interview, please feel free to leave a comment in this news post and the Shur’tugal team will do their best to ask the question for you.

Join us on Twitter for a live interview with Christopher Paolini on @Paolini using the hashtag #Eragon10th! October 9th at 8pm EST/5pm PST

*The above fan art, an illustration of Eragon hunting before he encounters Saphira’s egg at the start of Eragon, was done by the artist Cruzarte on DeviantArt!

10thAnniversaryCoverHelp us celebrate the incredible 10th anniversary of the release of Eragon by using the hashtag #Eragon10th on Facebook and Twitter to share your favorite scenes, quotes, moments and trivia from the Inheritance Cycle throughout the month of October! Shur’tugal will be joining in on the celebration throughout the month, using the hashtag to release exclusive content, news posts, stories and memories!

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inheritance paperbackJust as one giveaway ends, another begins! This time, we’re giving away a signed copy of the Inheritance in paperback! To enter the giveaway, simply be a resident of North America (sorry, international fans) and follow the directions below. Every fan will automatically receive one entry by entering via email below, with the option to gain additional entries into the raffle by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and tweeting about Shur’tugal being back! (If you’ve already “Liked” us on Facebook and “followed” us on Twitter, be sure to click those options in the giveaway boxes so that you still receive your bonus entries!)

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christopher-interviewWe recently asked Shur’tugal readers and Inheritance fans to submit questions for a new interview with Christopher Paolini. After hundreds of submissions, hours picking the best and most interesting, and an exchange with the author, we now have a nearly 2,700 word long interview!

The new interview with Christopher focuses largely on how the Inheritance Cycle may have been different, what we can expect from Book 5 and beyond, as well as what Jeod meant about Angela, Tenga, and the Nameless One/Nameless Shadow in his letter included in the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance.

You can read the full interview after the jump! View Full Article & Comment

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