characters-from-eragon-poster-1What’s wrong with a bit of competitive fandom fun? We thought it would be exciting to ask fans to vote on and determine their favorites – from dragons and Riders to races and bad guys – to see where the community stands on who is in and who is out.

After one week, we’ll compile all of the votes and reveal the results for each category! We will then discuss why the fandom leans the way the polls indicate and what implications it may have for the series and future books.

This week, we’re asking our community to vote on five different categories: Dragons, Dragon Riders, Race, Leader, and Villain. Cast your vote to defend your favorites! For added excitement, we’ve hidden the results, saving them for the “big reveal” post coming one week from today. Continue reading this article…


Welcome to ‘Brewfest’, Alagaesia’s first holiday!

brewfest-headerWe’re very excited to announce a major collaborative project for the Inheritance community: Brewfest, Alagaesia’s first holiday.

What is Brewfest? Loosely based off of the popular “Oktoberfest” in Germany and elsewhere, Brewfest is a time where the races of Alagaesia come together to celebrate the change in seasons and reflect on the past year. Each race celebrates in their own way – the dwarves enjoy their barrels of beer and stout, the elves enjoy teas and other drinks, and the humans have combined the two races’ traditions, creating their own. And the dragons – well, they enjoy a good time, too!

The basic wire frame story we’ve crafted so far:

Brewfest originated as two separate holidays meant to celebrate the fall season and the year’s harvest. The elves first began to celebrate the changing of the trees as fall began to take hold, venturing into the forests to celebrate the life within. Tea is their brew of choice, as many elves work to concoct new beverages, bring back prior years’ favorites, and challenge each other in friendly games and competitions. The dwarves – well, their holiday is a bit more rowdy, loud, and entertaining. Alcohol starts and ends the day, as do games and good food. Merriment can be found echoing throughout the Beor Mountains and Tronjheim.

Over the years, the humans began to pull from and combine the two races’ traditions to form their own Brewfest celebrations. Dragon Riders would travel long and far to celebrate, and their dragons always joined in on the festivities.

It’s a time for friends and family to let loose and enjoy themselves through food, drink, and games! In times of strife, it was often looked forward to as a way to cleanse the  mind ahead of the new year. In better times, the holiday was a way to celebrate a successful and prosperous year, looking forward to the anticipated success in the months and years ahead.

Brewfest culminates with the burning of an effigy meant to represent the prior year’s bad events and demons and to ward off any undesirable omens.

This is where the community comes in! While the basic framework of the holiday is in, everything is subject to be shaped, added to, and changed by your ideas and contributions. This is a chance for the community to invent something within the world of Alagaesia, meant to be celebrated now and in the years to come.

Help us answer some questions to begin fleshing out this holiday!

  • What games are celebrated? Think about games that the elves would celebrate, games that the dwarves would celebrate, and how the humans would adapt and change games from both races to create their own.
  • What food would be enjoyed? Names, recipes – all is welcome! Find your favorite fall recipes online and share them with us. Help us craft and create unique foods with even more exciting (and amusing) names!
  • Central to the holiday: drinks! If you enjoy tea, share your special brews for us to try! Give us a recipe, invent a name. Ideas for more “adult” beverages? We’d love to see those too! Dwarves and dragons will sing your story for years to come!
  • Is there a god or idol any of the races focus on for this holiday? What shape does the effigy they burn to close the holiday take?

Call to action for fan fiction writers:

We want you to help us shape the story, adding to the world of Alagaesia! Submit your “lore” ideas. When was the holiday first invented? How do the elves celebrate? Do they sing songs, write and read poems, or more? If they do, feel free to write your own! How do the dwarves celebrate? Are the dwarven gods involved? When did the humans come into the picture?

Submit your ideas and short stories. We’ll be adding to the overall Brewfest story using the writing you submit! You’ll be credited for your work for all to see!

Call to action for artists:

We want you to help illustrate various parts of the holiday! From sketches to full illustrations, help us bring the holiday and the world of Alagaesia to life. We’ll feature your art on the website and our social media accounts with complete credit to you! If you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or have any questions to be answered, feel free to ask away in the comments.

Now it’s up to you! Join the conversation in the comments and on social media to help us begin creating Alagaesia’s first holiday! Utilize the questions from this article to help give you a starting point with your contribution.



Brewfest is coming… help us invent the first Alagaesia holiday!

brewfest-announcement-posterWe are very excited to announce Alagaesia’s first holiday: Brewfest! Brewfest is a time of celebration for all of Alagaesia’s races signaling the heart of Fall.

Over the next ten days, we’ll be inviting fans to help contribute to and shape this holiday. We will be providing (and encouraging fans to submit) recipes for teas, beers, and food! We’ll be inventing Alagaesia games, traditions, and decorations. We’ll be writing our own community-sourced short story based on the holiday.

This is your chance to leave a lasting impact on our favorite fantasy world! This is the first in what we hope to be many major community projects.

The first major Brewfest post will hit Shur’tugal tomorrow! Stay tuned.


The third week of, the Paolini’s official website, has drawn to a close. Week three did not disappoint following the site’s successful first two weeks and its exciting content, with several stories and another essay from Christopher hitting their blog! Here’s a preview of this past week’s content:

“Explore the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon Featuring Art and a Letter From Christopher” – Many fans may not be aware of the incredible Eragon Collector’s Edition currently being sold to celebrate the book’s tenth (now eleventh) anniversary. The book is filled with six pieces of incredible artwork from award-winning artists, features an all new book cover, and includes a letter from Christopher. Learn all of the details in this great feature.

“Talita Paolini Shares How to Improve Your Writing Skills” – This is a must-read for any aspiring writer looking to improve their writing skills. Even better – it’s a great way to get some new techniques into your writing style ahead of November’s NaNoWriMo!

“The Paolini Family’s September Favorites” – This article is a treasure trove of new books, movies, television shows, and video games to get your hands on! The Paolinis contributed their current favorites and great recommendations for visitors who enjoy all different media types. From Miyazaki films to Xbox 360 games, an anime version of The Count of Monte Cristo, web comics, and more, you won’t be disappointed!

Continue reading this article…


vrangrWe recently released a two part series, the “Top Ten Weapons in Alagaesia“, exploring the most powerful and moving weapons in the Inheritance Cycle. The posts spawned mass amounts of discussion. Is Brisingr really more powerful than Tinkledeath? Did Vrangr really bring about more change than Brisingr? What about Brom’s sword?

However, Christopher Paolini himself spawned the largest discussion as a result of the articles when he dropped a major bombshell, teasing that Vrangr/Islingr, the sword formerly belonging to Vrael before being taken and warped by Galbatorix, could have been the sword of the first Eragon. What?! We explore all of the evidence and what this could possibly mean for Book 5 and future Alagaesia books. Continue reading this article…


61-cygni-a-headerChristopher Paolini is no stranger to giving fans hints, teasers, and small revelations. Last Wednesday, Christopher revealed his first “spoiler”/hint regarding his upcoming sci-fi novel: “61 Cygni A” on his personal Twitter account. How? He updated his Twitter location to the star system and let fans know that the location update was all they’d be getting out of him.

Before we dive into the hint and what it means, we want to refresh fans on this sci-fi novel. The book will be Christopher’s first published work since the release of Inheritance in 2011. Christopher recently spoke on the process of getting into writing within another universe, stating that he spent months researching and world building before beginning to write the actual story. He frequently shares completed chapter photos (no text, of course – just the back of printed pages) with fans on Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading this article…


last-week-on-pnetThe second week of, the Paolini’s official website, has drawn to a close. Week two did not disappoint following the site’s successful first week and its exciting content, with several stories and another essay from Christopher hitting their blog! Here’s a preview of this past week’s content:

“Christopher Discusses Making Swords and Swordfighting Swords and Swordfighting” – In a new and exclusive essay, Christopher discusses making swords and swordfighting, including his history with both and how he worked this knowledge into the Inheritance Cycle.

“Behind the Naming Process of Some of the Inheritance Cycle’s Memorable Characters and Locations” – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the “secrets” and inspirations behind some of Alagaesia’s most memorable character and location names in this interesting blog post!

Don’t miss out on the exciting and exclusive content from the Paolini newsletter – The Paolini newsletter offers fans who subscribe exclusive access to a never-before-seen piece of Christopher’s artwork, in addition to social media kits for your Facebook and Twitter pages. Fans who subscribe can expect access to major news 48 hours before it is revealed on the website.

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In Palancar Valley, home is where the heart is

roran-headerIn a small town such as Carvahall, one’s lot in life can quite often be determined by the family they are born into. Albriech and Baldor were sons of Horst the blacksmith, Katrina the daughter of the butcher Sloan, and Roran (and, to some extent, Eragon) was raised as the son of a farmer. These trades would typically prove vital in ensuring that each respective family had work and the means to provide an adequate way of life.

All of that changed with the razing of Carvahall by the Ra’zac in Eldest.  Within a short number of days, the village’s citizens lost family members, homes and wares crucial to their livelihoods.  The people of Carvahall were forced to flee their tiny hometown, or risk a dark future at the hands of the Empire and its dangerous minions.  Some left behind their inheritance passed down through their ancestors, such as Horst’s sons helping him bury smithing tools, or Morn giving up his tavern where he served his brews. Continue reading this article…


shurtugal-mailbag-header2Welcome to the “Shur’tugal Mailbag”, the first installment in what will be a monthly series where the staff of Shur’tugal answer your questions from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the comments section. We’ll also be providing updates regarding to the website in addition to glimpses into future plans and events.

We are nearly four weeks into our “revival” and the fan response couldn’t have been better: Shur’tugal is seeing its highest traffic since January of 2012 (only two months after the release of Inheritance)! We are happy to announce that we will be increasing our posts per week from four posts to seven, aiming to provide content as often as possible. We’re also actively seeking ways to keep our social media feeds fun, fresh, and engaging, and highly recommend that you “follow” us on your social media network(s) of choice.

In our first installment, we answer many questions including future interviews with Christopher, Inheritance Cycle conventions, Book 5 and Inheritance prequels, Collector Editions for future books, holidays in Alagaesia, and more! Continue reading this article…


weapons-header-2Be sure to view part one of our Top Ten Weapons in the Inheritance Cycle post for weapons 10 through 6 before reading this post.

Every true fantasy hero (and villain) needs a good weapon.  Whether in a large scale battle or a duel of champions, a warrior’s chosen weapon can mean life or death.  Not only used for fighting, they can also be symbols of great power, hope and despair.  Fortunately for fans of the Inheritance Cycle, the series is loaded with amazing weaponry both beautiful and meaningful.  From infamous Rider swords, to improvised tools and unique enchantments, the weapons of Inheritance are fantastical and far reaching in so many ways.

In the first part of our Top Ten Weapons series, we focused on five weapons that, while powerful, weren’t necessarily key to shaping the future of Alagaesia. The remaining five weapons, revealed in today’s list, are not only powerful because of their physical strength, but because of what they are capable of and what the weapons have allowed – or will allow – their wielding to do.

Below you’ll find the conclusion of our two part series where we count down the top ten most incredible weapons from the Inheritance Cycle.  Yesterday we gave you ranks six through ten, and now we reveal the remaining top five! (Note: This list is only the Shur’tugal staff’s opinion, and we’d love to hear what your top ten list is in the comments!) Continue reading this article… is © 2004-2014. is owned by Mike Macauley, in partnership with
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