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eragon the hunterWe’re excited to announce that the last of our four interviews with Christopher Paolini will take place LIVE on Twitter… and will allow for fans to participate!

Next Wednesday, October 9th, Christopher will be participating in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. This live Twitter interview will start at 8 PM EST! We will be using the hashtag #Eragon10th to mark the occasion. Christopher will be doing his best to answer all of the questions that come in during this time, and using the #Eragon10th hashtag will ensure that we all see your tweets!

Staff members of Shur’tugal will be joining in on the conversation using the official @itsshurty Shur’tugal Twitter account. If you are unable to participate in the interview because you do not/cannot have Twitter, or if you won’t be around at the time of the interview, please feel free to leave a comment in this news post and the Shur’tugal team will do their best to ask the question for you.

Join us on Twitter for a live interview with Christopher Paolini on @Paolini using the hashtag #Eragon10th! October 9th at 8pm EST/5pm PST

*The above fan art, an illustration of Eragon hunting before he encounters Saphira’s egg at the start of Eragon, was done by the artist Cruzarte on DeviantArt!

10thAnniversaryCoverHelp us celebrate the incredible 10th anniversary of the release of Eragon by using the hashtag #Eragon10th on Facebook and Twitter to share your favorite scenes, quotes, moments and trivia from the Inheritance Cycle throughout the month of October! Shur’tugal will be joining in on the celebration throughout the month, using the hashtag to release exclusive content, news posts, stories and memories!

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christopher-interviewWe recently asked Shur’tugal readers and Inheritance fans to submit questions for a new interview with Christopher Paolini. After hundreds of submissions, hours picking the best and most interesting, and an exchange with the author, we now have a nearly 2,700 word long interview!

The new interview with Christopher focuses largely on how the Inheritance Cycle may have been different, what we can expect from Book 5 and beyond, as well as what Jeod meant about Angela, Tenga, and the Nameless One/Nameless Shadow in his letter included in the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance.

You can read the full interview after the jump! View Full Article & Comment

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Artists and fan artists alike are renowned for their ability to bring the heart and emotion conveyed in text to visual life, as is the case with the following piece of story-driven fan art we’re introducing to you today.

In this piece based on a scene from Brisingr, Arya comforts Eragon before he rides off to battle atop Saphira. Many fans consider this a pivotal moment in the Inheritance Cycle, as they feel that it’s one of the first times Arya truly shows affection toward Eragon:stay safe eragonChristopher clearly knew what he was doing: he showed that there is more to the bond between Eragon and Arya than debt and friendship. Instead, Arya shows that she truly cares for Eragon, Saphira and their well being. DeviantArt artist Elizalento managed to capture this moment in their artwork.

Here is the scene from Brisingr‘s “Fire in the Sky”:

Walking over to Saphira, Arya placed a hand on Eragon’s left leg and looked up at him with her slanted green eyes. “Accept this from me, Shur’tugal,” she said. And he felt a surge of energy flow into him.

“Eka elrun ono,” he murmured to her.

Also in the ancient language, she said, “Be careful, Eragon. I would not want to see you broken by Murtagh. I . . .” It seemed as if she were going to say more, but she hesitated, then removed her hand from his leg and retreated to stand by Blödhgarm.

“Fly well, Bjartskular!” the elves sang out as Saphira launched herself off the embankment.

Now we ask you: Do you think this truly was one of the first moments in the Inheritance Cycle where Arya showed affection toward Eragon? Did the artist manage to capture the feel of the scene?

inheritance deluxe editionWe’re giving away a signed copy of the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance! The Deluxe Edition of Inheritance was released last summer and includes a whole host of new content, including a letter detailing life after Inheritance for many of our favorite characters, as well as new artwork, and new/changed Inheritance scenes! To learn more about the book, check out our Inheritance Deluxe Edition page!

To enter the giveaway, simply be a resident of North America (sorry, international fans) and follow the directions below. Every fan will automatically receive one entry by entering via email below, with the option to gain additional entries into the raffle by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and tweeting about Shur’tugal being back! (If you’ve already “Liked” us on Facebook and “followed” us on Twitter, be sure to click those options in the giveaway boxes so that you still receive your bonus entries!)

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An amazingly talented artist by the name of Eumenidi on DeviantArt recently illustrated one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring scenes in the Inheritance Cycle: when Eragon and Saphira first visit the ruins of Vroengard Island in the Inheritance chapter “Amid the Ruins”:

amid the ruins colorRelive the scene from the book alongside this beautiful graphic novel-style artwork:

The thick gray clouds parted, and from his place on Saphira’s back, Eragon beheld the interior of Vroengard Island.

Before them was a huge bowl-shaped valley, encircled by the steep mountains they had seen poking through the tops of the clouds. A dense forest of spruce, pine, and fir trees blanketed the sides of the mountains as well as the foothills below, like an army of prickly soldiers marching down from the peaks. The trees were tall and mournful, and even from a distance Eragon could see the beards of moss and lichen that hung from their heavy branches.Scraps of white mist clung to the sides of the mountains, and in several places throughout the valley, diffuse curtains of rain drifted from the ceiling of clouds.

High above the valley floor, Eragon could see a number of stone structures among the trees: tumbled, overgrown entrances to caves; the husks of burnt-out towers; grand halls with collapsed roofs; and a few smaller buildings that looked as if they might still be habitable.

A dozen or more rivers flowed out of the mountains and wandered across the verdant ground until they poured into a large, still lake near the center of the valley. Around the lake lay the remnants of the Riders’ city, Doru Araeba. The buildings were immense—great empty halls of such enormous proportions that many could have encompassed the whole of Carvahall. Every door was like the mouth to a vast, unexplored cavern. Every window was as tall and wide as a castle gate, and every wall was a sheer cliff.

Thick mats of ivy strangled the blocks of stone, and where there was no ivy there was moss, which meant that the buildings blended into the landscape and looked as if they had grown out of the earth itself. What little of the stone was bare tended to be a pale ocher, although patches of red, brown, and dusky blue were also visible.


Almost all the buildings were damaged, some more severely than others. The damage seemed to radiate outward from a single point near the southern edge of the city, where a wide crater sank more than thirty feet into the ground. A copse of birch trees had taken root in the depression, and their silvery leaves shook in the gusts of the directionless breeze.

The open areas within the city were overgrown with weeds and brush, while a fringe of grass surrounded each of the flagstones that formed the streets.Where the buildings had sheltered the Riders’ gardens from the blast that had ravaged the city, dull-colored flowers still grew in artful designs, their shapes no doubt governed by the dictates of some long-forgotten spell.

Altogether, the circular valley presented a dismal picture.

Behold the ruins of our pride and glory, said Glaedr.

For those of you who are curious about the process behind this artist’s interpretation of “Amid the Ruins”, you can view a process sketch photo and a black and white version of the piece:

Now we ask: Do you feel as though this piece accurately represents the vision you had in your head of the scene?

A common question among fans of the Inheritance Cycle is, “Just how large are the dragons of the Inheritance Cycle compared to each other?” For the longest time, this question has gone answered only in text… and text can only convey size comparisons to a certain extend. That was until a brilliant fan artist by the name of EloiseS16 took it upon herself to draw all of the Inheritance Cycle‘s dragons side-by-side as they appear in size at the end of Inheritance!

dragons to scale

(From left to right: Firnen, Saphira, Eragon, Thorn, Glaedr, Shruikan)

Did you notice that black smudge in between Saphira and Thorn? No, that’s not an artist mistake or ink smudge — that’s a human, or Eragon, to be specific.

Christopher Paolini took notice of this fan’s interpretation of the dragons’ sizes and let his followers on Twitter know that the artist was spot on, but added, “Might make Fírnen a little smaller, but otherwise dead on.”

So there you have it, Inheritance fans. Shruikan is a mountain, Firnen is just a baby… and we finally have a near-perfect visual representation of the dragons’ scale as they appeared at the end of Inheritance (or the times of their deaths).

Now we ask: Is this how you had pictured the dragons? Were you able to truly grasp Shruikan’s massiveness before seeing this image?

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