A common question among fans of the Inheritance Cycle is, “Just how large are the dragons of the Inheritance Cycle compared to each other?” For the longest time, this question has gone answered only in text… and text can only convey size comparisons to a certain extend. That was until a brilliant fan artist by the name of EloiseS16 took it upon herself to draw all of the Inheritance Cycle‘s dragons side-by-side as they appear in size at the end of Inheritance!

dragons to scale

(From left to right: Firnen, Saphira, Eragon, Thorn, Glaedr, Shruikan)

Did you notice that black smudge in between Saphira and Thorn? No, that’s not an artist mistake or ink smudge — that’s a human, or Eragon, to be specific.

Christopher Paolini took notice of this fan’s interpretation of the dragons’ sizes and let his followers on Twitter know that the artist was spot on, but added, “Might make Fírnen a little smaller, but otherwise dead on.”

So there you have it, Inheritance fans. Shruikan is a mountain, Firnen is just a baby… and we finally have a near-perfect visual representation of the dragons’ scale as they appeared at the end of Inheritance (or the times of their deaths).

Now we ask: Is this how you had pictured the dragons? Were you able to truly grasp Shruikan’s massiveness before seeing this image?


eragonroranandsaphirahelgrindThe above fan art, drawn by an unknown artist, depicts the opening moments of Brisingr in which Eragon, Roran, and Saphira search deep within Helgrind for Katrina, who they later discover is being held prisoner by the Ra’zac and Lethrblaka along with her father, Sloan.

“And though Eragon risked discovery by his ghostly investigation, he, Roran, and Saphira had to know if the Ra’zac had imprisoned Katrina — Roran’s betrothed — in Helgrind, for the answer world determine whether their mission was one of rescue or one of capture and interrogation.”

Another artist, TheDragonofDoom on DeviantArt, captured the exact moment when Saphira chomps down on the Lethrblaka’s neck, ending its life:


Now we ask: Do you remember reading these moments in Brisingr? What was your initial reaction to the scene, and do you feel as though the fan art captured the eeriness of their search within Helgrind?

weapons of alagaesiaBattles have been fought and won — and sometimes lost — in Alagaesia using mystical and unique weapons for centuries. Rhunon, the renowned elf responsible for the creation of the Riders’ blades, is a prime example of the type of individual it takes to craft these exotic weapons of death, destruction, and occasionally salvation. Similarly, many individuals go to battle armed with items that aid in other ways: Eldunari, Brom’s ring, and a Rider’s armor, to list a few.

One fellow fan and talented artist — CorellaStudios on DeviantArt — decided to create 3D models of some of Alagaesia’s most famous and unique weapons, armor, and other battle-ready items. From the blades forged by Rhunon to the dragon-slaying Dauthdaert and the golden armor of Oromis, CorellaStudios brought it all to life:

Now we ask: Which weapon from the collection is your favorite? If you had to choose two items from above to go to battle with, which would you choose and why?

One of the wonderful things about San Diego Comic Con is the diversity of events, booths and people. This allows for all sorts of intermixing of creative and nerdy species. This year, we had the pleasure of experiencing one of these cross-overs. Christopher Paolini took some time out of his event schedule to walk Artists Alley with us in order to interview three hugely popular fantasy artists down in Artist Alley: Donato, Todd Lockwood, and Brom.

With the publication of the special edition Eragon 10th anniversary edition coming up, complete with original art, Christopher thought it would be great to get a chance to hear what fantasy’s like from their perspective. Donato contributed to the special edition, Todd is one of fantasy’s top dragon artists, and Brom is the artist that inspired Christopher so much as a child that he named a character after him.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive video interview! There’s even a sneak-peek at the sketch of Donato’s art, which captures the Prologue:

Question: What … or who … the heck is Angela the Herbalist?!

angela the herbalistAngela the witch. Angela the herbalist. Angela the justwhattheheckisshe. Angela is a character of many names, faces, and abilities; and for all of her mysteries, two certainties remain: Angela will always sit atop fans’ favorite characters list, just as she will always top the lists of favorite Inheritance moments.

We first encounter the witch and her werecat companion in Teirm at the start of Eragon. The pair showcase their abilities of foresight by offering Eragon a unique glimpse into his own future. Angela explores the love and peril ahead of him, whereas Solembum offers Eragon several prophecies – some which have yet to come to fruition. The pair have made various appearances in the books since their grand entrance in Eragon, ranging from their room at Farthen Dûr to the battle of the Burning Plains.

But the events of Inheritance — from whispering her true name to the priests of Helgrind and being called Mooneater, to Tinkledeath and her disappearance after Inheritance — lead us to ask one major question:

What … or who … the heck is Angela the Herbalist?!

We want to hear your theories, thoughts, and ideas in the comments!

*Angela and Solembum artwork by crystalskye on DeviantArt!

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This week was a huge week for the fantasy, scifi, and horror genres, with Marvel again dominating the news, with an announcement of the actor playing Ultron in Avengers 2 and lots of new Guardians of the Galaxy information. However, this week’s biggest story goes to Joss Whedon’s discussion of whether or not he’ll be killing off an Avenger! We also saw a number of previously-unreleased alternate scenes and endings from The Avengers and Iron Man 3 hit the web, one of which showed that The Wasp was originally set to be in The Avengers.

Lots of new Harry Potter book covers hit the market this week celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of Harry Potter. Meanwhile, Nintendo announced a major price cut for its Wii U and a new Nintendo 2DS — a new version of its handheld game console that does not show games in 3D. Plus we have first looks at many of this fall’s upcoming television shows… and set pictures from Game of Thrones season four filming!

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Grimrr Halfpaw — “King of the Werecats, Lord of the Lonely Places, Ruler of the Night Reaches and He Who Walks Alone” — was first introduced to readers in Inheritance. His character is as mysterious as readers have come to expect from the elusive race of werecats, offering up little information about himself other than his immediate disdain for Angela and Solembum and his race’s allegiance in the war against Galbatorix and the Empire.

“[T]hrough the doorway strode Grimrr Halfpaw in the shape of a human, trailed by four other werecats, who padded close behind him on large, shaggy paws. [...] Grimrr, however, looked unlike any person or creature Eragon had ever seen. At roughly four feet tall, he was the same height as a dwarf, but no one could have mistaken him for a dwarf, or even for a human. He had a small pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and, underneath upswept brows, slanted green eyes fringed with winglike eyelashes. His ragged black hair hung low over his forehead, while on the sides and back it fell to his shoulders, where it lay smooth and lustrous, much like the manes of his companions. His age was impossible for Eragon to guess.”

DeviantArt artist ImCarla worked on a character study, hoping to capture the likeness of the King of the Werecats before finally illustrating her final interpretation of the character in color. To the delight of fans, Christopher Paolini commented on the final illustration as being “very close” to what he imagined the character to look like, allowing us to finally realize Grimrr’s human form:

grimrrfinishedImCarla also offered a glimpse into her character study process, which included many iterations of the character’s eyes, body, and face:

So now we ask: Is this how you imagined Grimrr Halfpaw?

eragonsguideheaderpostMany fans clamor for more Inheritance, clinging to the hope that Christopher Paolini will get to writing a potential “Book 5″ sooner rather than later. Surprisingly, many of these fans are unaware of two official companion guides released by Christopher and Random House which add to and enhance the experience readers can get from the Inheritance Cycle. Both books offer new and exciting content and art and make a great addition to the stories we learn in Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, and can help tide us over while we wait for more books!

These two books are Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia and The Inheritance Almanac, the only official companion guides to the Inheritance Cycle. These books were written by Christopher Paolini and Mike Macauley (owner of Shur’tugal) respectively, and offer a companion experience to the Inheritance Cycle:

  • Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia is an art-heavy guide to the world of Alagaesia written in Eragon’s voice. The book aims to provide new Riders with the information they’ll need to become strong and wise as they continue to train with their new dragon. Visit our official Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia page to learn more.
  • The Inheritance Almanac is an A to Z guide to the world of Alagaesia, compiling every piece of cannon (or information) from the Inheritance Cycle books, dozens of interviews, and exclusive insights into one easy-to-read encyclopedia. It’s a guide you’ll want by your side as you venture through the world of Inheritance! Visit our official The Inheritance Almanac page to learn more.

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